Close to you|金沢のゲストハウス

History and Your Benefits

Our guesthouse which was built during the Taisho period (about 100 years ago) is modeled after traditional wooden townhouses called ‘Machiya.’ While maintaining its traditional design and charm, it has been renovated to include the latest amenities suitable for accommodation, which led to its opening on July 2020.

Benefits of staying at our guesthouse…

  1. Located at the heart of an old town, there is easy access to tourist spots and food districts. (Kenroku-en, Kanazawa Castle Park, Higashi Chaya District, Omicho Market etc. are all within a 10-minute walk)
  2. Visitors may choose to reserve the entire guesthouse for a maximum of 8 people or choose from one of the two rooms per day.
    • For entire guesthouse reservations, compared to a luxury hotel suite, you can experience staying in a similar or greater space along with fully furnished rooms and amenities, all at a reasonable price.
    • For regular room reservations, accommodation will be split between floors, maintaining privacy and convenient access to shared spaces.
  3. With the owner directly managing the guesthouse, a safe and pleasant accommodation as well as excellent service can be provided.


3:00 PM ~ 8:00 PM
~ 11:00 AM
Payment method
We accept payment in cash (Japanese yen) or credit card.

Accommodation rates

Accommodation type Number of rooms and included amenities Maximum number of people Day of week

*Refers to day of check-in

1 night 2 nights or more
Entire guesthouse Whole guesthouse 8 people Sunday ~ Thursday JPY 52,000 JPY 50,000
Friday, Saturday JPY 67,000 JPY 65,000
1F Room 2 rooms

(Bedroom 1, Living room), Porch, Inner garden

3 people
Sunday ~ Thursday JPY 26,000 JPY 24,000
Friday, Saturday JPY 32,000 JPY 30,000
2F Room 3 rooms

(Bedroom 2, Bedroom 3, Common room, Toilet 2, Wash basin

5 people
Sunday ~ Thursday JPY 42,000 JPY 40,000
Friday, Saturday JPY 52,000 JPY 50,000